Survey Responses

The Numbers

Total survey emails sent: 271
Total responses: 146

Do you plan to attend?

Yes: 58 (42%)
No: 48 (35%)
Unsure: 36 (27%)

Should we postpone?

Yes: 87 (65%)
No: 41 (31%)


I understand all the health concerns we have. I am just afraid that things will not get any better in 4 weeks. We can only pray that next year will be better. If it is decided to go ahead with this year, I plan to attend. Thanks for everything everyone is doing.

I was planning on coming to Friday night’s get together with a few other 71 graduates. George Marshall, Fred Toelle, Gros Marcus, and Jim Hambuechen (so far). We have all had vaccines but whatever you all decide is fine.

Really a tough decision! I’m voting selfishly: was reluctant to commit to attending due to new health issues and hope I can attend in person next year if the decision is made to postpone.

I am anxious to see friends but do have concerns over this latest Covid surge. Hesitant to jeopardize health whether my own or that of others. I am perplexed 🙁

My wife and I are monitoring the situation. I checked the “not sure” box but we probably won’t come this year as she is immunocompromised and traveling is risky, especially to areas with high growth rates like Missouri (and Wisconsin, her home state). Given that we’re only a month out, it’s doubtful things will improve sufficiently for us to come. Would love to reconnect with all my Webby G classmates and will make every effort to be there if you decide to move it out to next year.Thanks for all your hard work in pulling this together!

I have not lived in Missouri since I could get out. Harsh words, for which I apologize, but they are sincere. There are those of you I care for who are there and many others I would love to see. And I know you are putting your hearts into this. However I personally find the politics / Covid denial resulting in surging infections too dangerous. It is a tragedy. Aside from Missouri’s self-inflicted emergency, it is looking generally like it would be most unwise to travel in September. I appreciate you asking. Thank you for your kind efforts on our behalf. Please protect yourselves. Love to you all.

No concern about COVID. However our nation has entered one of the most important, and yet critical times in our nations history. Pushing back our reunion a year is wise! Thanks for asking!

I will not wear a mask and don’t plan to “social distance”. I hope I can still come. Would really hate to postpone the event. I’m sure there will be more “covids” and many more “Greek letter variants” but there will only be ONE 50th high school reunion.

I really think the reunion would be more memorable without having to wear masks, and there are some who refuse to wear masks and therefore they won’t attend. I hate that Covid has altered so much in our lives, but I prefer to wait and see if things are better next year at this time, although I realize that tomorrow isn’t promised. However, if it’s still held this year, I hope that everyone has a great time. Be safe.

Mask mandates or lack of mandates. A higher percentage of Vaccinated population will be of great confidence and a security to me.

Covid in Missouri is a factor. Although I am fully vaccinated, there are many in the state who choose not to be vaccinated.
Another factor is 1000 miles and about 1000 dollars. 10 years ago, I was able to combine a visit to my father with the reunion, which gave me an additional reason to go to Missouri.
I have noticed classmates posting opposite political views on Facebook. We may not be as friendly toward each other this year.I will miss many of you, especially the ones I saw at the 40th.

This is so challenging for you guys to plan. I appreciate you asking us, and I know people have a lot of different opinions. Covid does seem to be ramping up, and even though I am vaccinated, I am back to wearing masks and avoiding large crowds. I understand that you are not going to be able to please everyone, but my vote would be for postponement of our reunion. I think we can have a fun time at our 51st with no masks, as opposed to this year gathering and then worrying about contact and infection. Thank you for your efforts trying to get us all together.

I have been looking forward to seeing everyone again, especially after I had to miss the 40th reunion due to mandatory business travel overseas. But I would rather wait another year in order to see everyone mask-free. We have to drive 1000 miles from NC coast and that’s a long way to go to have everyone in masks. I got a vaccine as soon as it was available. I absolutely agree with having masks indoors and I have underlying health concerns, but dang it, I want to see my classmates’ faces. Might not ever see these folks again since I live far from STL. We are still evaluating, but the current trend lines for Covid, particularly in the Midwest, are more than a little concerning. If I had to make the decision today, we probably would not attend this year and that would be a crying shame. Please strongly consider holding off for a year.