In Memoriam

We honor the memory of the members of the Webster Groves High School class of 1971 who are deceased.

Use the form below if you know of a classmate who has passed but is not listed.  If you have details about a classmate’s death who is listed on this page, including date and cause of death, accomplishments and insights, please share that also.

Last updated July 3, 2021

Akers, Deane
Akers, Bob
Baechle, Daniel
Baker, Joan (Laciny)
Balsiger, James
Barr, Pam (Mauer)
Black, Tim
Bonfonti, Gary
Bosworth, Scott
Brown, Stephen S.
Buckley, Warlean (Dillon)
Buckley, Mary L.
Collier, Kevin
Collier, Linda
Collins, Linda S.
Cromwell, Rick
Davis, Linda (Green)
Dyer, Spencer
Davis, Stuart A. (Skip)
Ferger, Jeff
Ferry, Michelle
Garnett, Jeanne M.
Gerdes, Kathy J.
Hanser, Kathy
Hittler, Joseph W.
Hood, Dan
Hwang, Mary Meehee – August 10, 2011
Jacobsmeyer, Joe
Johnson, Mike

Laciny, Bob
Lamming, Tom – September 24, 2011
Losse, Bill
Lucks, John
Maskus, Keith
Melton, Joe
Michaelree, James
Murphy, James
Murphy, H. Mark
Murray, Mark
Neusitz, Kurt – March 8, 2021
Newton, Anne L., (Brockman)
Newton, Wayne
Ohmoto, Michael M.
Sattler, Anne (Trembley)
Scott, Karen L.
Schmidt, Richard
Sepe, Michael
Shoulberg, Jim
Sloan, Debbie
Sporich, Kenneth
Stirrat, John
Syrewicz, Steven A.
Taylor, Michael
Thomas, Paula – October 26, 2011
Westfall, Ruben
Wilson, Pamela (Cherry)
Wittenberg, Edward
Zugel, Darlene (Umphenour)

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