We received the following note via email from classmate Herb:

Hello Committee,

Although my timing is 11th hour, I scanned copies of the 1969-70 Buzz Book (11th grade directory), Baccalaureate Service program, Commencement program, “Senior Plans – Class of 1971” and Senior Fortnightly Dancing Club schedule and roster for 1970-71 if you have any interest in reviewing them to consider for posting. The scans are rough (made on an old copier) but legible.

Herb Morisse

P.S. I was the one who pulled the teeth out of Karen Woods mom’s mounted barracuda at the Fiddler cast party. I never had the guts to ask her what happened to the fish after that night and I’m happy to hear that it survived (albeit with some dental implant assistance).

You can find Herb’s documents in the column on the right of this website under Downloadables.