Here are the long-awaited instructions for downloading photos from Flickr.

  1. Go to our Flickr page:
  2. On the right of the page, you see some sets of photos organized by event and other sets containing grade school class photos. Click those links to view the sets.
  3. On the left side of the page, you’ll see two columns of photos. If you scroll down you’ll see links 1,2,3,4 and so on. You can click those links to see more photos irrespective of sets on the right; same photos, just not separated into sets.
  4. Click a photo that you want to download. (Flickr does not provide a way to download all the photos at once.)
  5. Above the upper right-hand corner of the photo you’ll see three buttons: Newer, a magnifying glass, and Older. Click the magnifying glass.
  6. You will then see a larger view of that photo. Notice now in the upper right-hand corner is View All Sizes. Click that.
  7. Across the top of the photo you’ll see all the size options for downloading, from Square (75 x 75) all the way up to Original.
  8. I recommend you download the original size to assure you get the best quality image in case you want to print it. You can always reduce the size, but blowing up a smaller—lower resolution—photo will cause a deterioration of quality.
  9. Now you will see the image at the size you selected. In the upper-left corner of the image you’ll see Download the Original size of this photo.
  10. Click that link and it will begin downloading to your default downloads folder.

If you have questions or comments about these instructions, please add a comment below.

Happy Downloading,