The simple response to that question might be, to see an old flame or show everyone how much you’ve accomplished.  Ask 20 people and you’ll perhaps get 20 answers with some overlap. 

But let’s stop and reflect a bit.  I dare say that today, most of us are at a place where we no longer fall victim to many of life’s “triggers” meaning things like relationships driven by hormones, career steps chosen to look good to the buddies and lifestyles painted by scripts (I want to live in a white house with two kids.)

Most of us have been there and done that.  And, having survived, now have the chance to look back, reflect, wonder why…..maybe even write a book so our children can learn from the paths we took.

Why come to a reunion?  Why, to continue learning, of course!  To discover what interesting places our classmates have visited and what they found there, because we might want to go there too!  To uncover who might have had the same hard knocks and came out stronger for it.  To share not just sweet memories but perspectives about where we are today and how we got here.  To network, to have discourse, to exchange thoughts that reignite bonds of commaderie. Could a reunion not be all about the past….but also include looking at the future and what we still have yet to accomplish? 

The long and winding road is still winding and inviting you to explore.

Come to Webster Groves and see your friends in September.  We’ve missed you.