Romondo, Karen, Kathie, Ginnie, Kathy & Brenda

Plan the Work, Work the Plan

While some of our members couldn’t attend, Thursday night’s meeting reviewed progress on several topics:

  • Our new website launched early and supported numerous “hits” from alum looking for reunion details.  We will add more content in the blog and a new charity page once we’ve determined who to help.  We’ll also add hotel info for those that need it.
  • The first e-newsletter launched, directing recipients to the website while “flushing” out bad email addresses.  Out of 198 emails, 66 bounced back as “bad” in some way.
  • The volunteers scrubbing our classmate list for current addresses and emails have made good progress in three weeks.  We think we’ve located 291 friends out of a class of 617.  Still lots of work to do…..can you help? 
  • We confirmed the plan for the Sunday picnic; more work to do on Saturday night’s program which will feed into the invitation we mail.  We’ve also almost completed the catering choices.
  • Still open: music.

Next meeting is June 23.  All are welcome to come and help.  The more we have, the more we can do.  But then, you knew that.  KO