I was doing a little reminiscing about high school. Those years were good for me although I’m sure that’s not the case for some folks. I remember choir and working on Fiddler on the Roof. I was so ready for our senior production to be something that I could really go out for, and then Mr. Kessinger and Mrs. Smizer choose Fiddler. The entire cast was ethnically not in my wheelhouse as a blonde haired/blue eyed girl! I was devastated! After trying out for a lead anyway, I did get a singing part only to have my scene cut from the production before I ever got the music. Guess that’s how it goes some times.

Still loved working on the show, and the cast party at my house was quite “interesting?” Some of my fellow castmates imbibed a little bit and took aim at my mother’s mounted barracuda knocking the lower teeth out. I used Elmer’s glue to hide the damage and it remarkably held up until my parents moved to Chicago. When the movers unpacked the fish the teeth were out! Not knowing the back story there was a damage report made, and the movers had the barracuda repaired. I didn’t tell my parents for 15 years. At that point they were able to laugh with me about it! If you want to know who the guilty party was, I tell you at the reunion, but I don’t want to reveal it for the world to see on-line!

Karen Woods Reichley